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"This is a big, beautiful book, full of imagery so breathtaking that one has to slow down to take it all in. Its dimensions are a burgeoning 13x10" and its 144 pages are packed full with exquisite duotones. The forward is written by none other than the great Jeff Dunas, a master photographer who sees amazing things in store for the young Pascal Baetens. 
Perhaps not since Jeanloup Sieff was in his prime has a major photographer so astutely mastered the integration his nude subject with its immediate environment, whether it be a room in a house, nestled under a concrete bridge or even under the canopy of a great forest. Baeten's talent is glaringly obvious. The women he's used to create this body of work are not so much beautiful as they are interesting. This is not about glamour or fashion or even beauty - it is instead, an erudite study of form and light and symmetry, presented in a manner that is wholly and that of the artist. It is an electrifying achievement." (Michelle7.com, USA)

"Coffee table books with photos of female nudes are nothing new. Not surprisingly when leafing through Pascal Baetens book The Art of Nude Photography you will come across a few photos that leave you feeling as though you've seen them before.

But a couple of things set this book apart. Unlike some books where all of the models seem like artificial Barbie dolls; the models in Baetens book, while very attractive, still look like real women. And where the subjects in most "art" books look as serious as if they're attending a funeral, the subjects in Baetens work smile, dance, and engage you with a questioning eye. As is the norm with Amphoto books the reproduction quality of these black and white images is high. 

Whether you have an interest in shooting female nudes and are looking for inspiration or if you just appreciate the form The Art of Nude Photography is a book you should consider adding to your coffee table or book shelf." (Vivid Light Photography, USA)

"Pascal Baetens, a Nikonian born in 1963 in Belgium, has just released his second book, Allegro Sensibile. His first book, The Fragile Touch, came out 1999 and immediately caught a lot of interest in Europe for its subtle images of sensual, lovely nudes in post-industrial factory interiors. No wonder we Nikonians were curious about his second book! Now, as Allegro Sensibile hits the shelves, we have had the chance to flip the 144 pages of one of the first copies. Pascal shares some of these excellent images, including background information, exclusively with us right here at Nikonians. The photos were mainly taken in the period 1999-2001 in Belgium, France, Germany, and Croatia. Locations were cities, forest, sandpits, fields, swimming pools, and some indoors." (Nikonians)