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"There are few genres that spark more interest (both artistic and otherwise) and debate than that of Nude photography. Even the most subtle and beautifully lit yet abstract torso has the capacity to offend. However, the body possesses all the contours required to provide a fantastic canvas for creative lighting and composition, and has been inspiring artists and photographers for centuries. It’s for this reason that Pascal Baetens has chosen here to focus, primarily, on the techniques 

and artistry of the genre, rather than the technicalities. It begins with a history of nude photography – from the first daguerreotypes, through Man Ray’s solarized images, ending with a comment on what the future may hold. This is then followed with a comprehensive guide to different techniques for shooting nudes, and finally a photographer’s gallery featuring some of the best operators within the genre. Considering the often controversial subject matter, the book maintains an instructional air throughout – at no times featuring flesh-for-fleshsake and featuring some fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ tutorials to accompany the excellent images in the professionals’ gallery. What Digital Camera Rating: 90%" (What Digital Camera magazine)

Follow practical advice from nude photography experts and learn to create picture-perfect results every time with this master class in photographing the human form. Everything's covered from buying the right equipment and working with amateur and professional models to creating your own studio at home or outdoors. Find tips on setting up a shoot, lighting effects and post-production techniques so you can turn a good picture into a great one. Get inspired by a stunning 'Photographer's Gallery' featuring the work of an international panel of photographers from Giorgio Barolo to John Davis. (Penguin books Australia)


  "De Belg Pascal Baetens is gespecialiseerd in naaktfotografie en liep al lang rond met de plannen voor een handig, vlot leesbaar en vooral bruikbaar boek voor wie het genre deels al lezend onder de knie wil krijgen. Dat boek is er nu en de lat is hoog gelegd. Baetens legt perfect uit hoe hij te werk gaat en slaat zelden stappen over, zodat beginnende en gevorderde fotografen allebei iets kunnen opsteken uit de vele hoofdstukken. De belichtingstips en andere technische adviezen zijn helder geformuleerd, en waar het boek mee opvalt is de bijzondere aandacht die de fotograaf heeft voor de poses van zijn modellen. Uiteraard wordt ook uitgelegd hoe die worden bereikt. Met als bonus inspirerende foto's van onder anderen Sylvie Blum en Andreas Bitesnich."  (Snoecks 2009)



"I like this book. The images are well done, and Mr. Baetens knows the subject very well. I especially like the behind-the-scenes views he provides of the effort that goes into creating successful images. This includes discussing the shot with the model, creating a set and arranging lighting, shooting, and then editing images. A wealth of information is provided in a logical fashion. Some of the topics covered include choosing models, conveying a mood, outdoor lighting, and much, much more.  The images are well done, and a selection of images by other photographers is included. The models are attractive, and include male models so be aware there is male frontal nudity. I especially appreciate that Mr. Baetens does NOT spend a third of his book telling us what a camera is and describing all the varieties of lighting equipment and accessories. Thank you!  If photography is your passion, I think you'll like this book. If photography of the nude interests you, I know you'll like this book. Buy it." (Al Nowak, USA)


"The latest photography offering from DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) is a glossy treatise on mastering the art of nude photography, from selection and approach to perfecting your chosen techniques and post-production tips and tricks. Author Pascal Baetens is a Belgian jack-of-all-trades who has specialized in portrait, fashion, travel, and nude photography in a range of industries (editorial, commercial, and private). The Baetens DK Nude Photography course opens with a historical perspective, followed by a lush academic discussion of nude photography styles. The meat of the book are sections on photography techniques (composition, lighting, posting, locations) and post-production (cropping, reframing, filtering, retouching).  This oversized 250+ page hardcover concludes with a gallery of nude photography featuring the works of ten international artists, accompanied by biographical information, artist's notes, first-person essays, and behind-the-scenes set photos. Works of dozens of renowned artists appear throughout the instructional pages of this text, rendering it well-deserving of the cover price." (Jessica Lux, Rosamond, CA, USA)


"Hi, I am a film student in Guadalajara, Mexico. I was lucky to have found his book "Naked, art and technique" (translation of the name of the book in Spanish). I want to say that your work has taught me a lot and inspired to take my photographs, both in handling light, imagine and reflect concepts of the beauty of human body through the eye of the camera. I apologize for my English and thank you for sharing your work and knowledge. Good luck." (Aldo Hernandez, Guadalajara, Mexico)