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Young girls of touching delicacy are captured (or perhaps observed is a better word) by Pascal Baetens's unobtrusive lens. He creates a strange world of contrasts: with an eye for light acute as a Flemish old master's, this exceptionally talented young photographer succeeds in liberating these fragile creatures from their harsh, sometimes threatening, post-industrial factory interiors. Their softness and vulnerability is accentuated against these grimy 'sets', but paradoxically their individual spirits and personalities triumph in the dank and intimidating environment. 

Baetens has captured the gamut of emotions in these naked young girls, ranging from an innocent elation to a wistful longing, from pure exuberance to a languorous sultriness. '[Beatens's] photos are a testament to the eternal, often subconscious, power that the erotic exerts over our imagination.' 

Pascal Baetens was born in Belgium in 1963. His work has been exhibited in many of the cities of Europe, and reproduced in photographic magazines throughout the world. It is not, though, as widely known as it deserves to - and indubitably will - be. The Fragile Touch is the first collected edition of his work. Erotic Review Books is exclusively able to offer the first edition in the UK.