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In these intimate sessions, women decided to share their personal stories that have marked their lives in images and words, as sometimes sharing makes so much more sense than silence.
Please don't hesitate to share your comments via pascal@pascalbaetens.com.
Paulina by Pascal Baetens Wednesday 13th March 2013, At the Syrian borders, thens of thousands of children live in refugee camps. Every day, hundreds more arrive. Raped, beaten, traumatised by living and witnessing unspeakable atrocities. Spokes(wo)men of Unicef already expressed words as 'a lost generation'. It was hard to concentrate on the roadMore
Klara by Pascal Baetens “Moment of Death” tells the story of an abused girl. That girl is me. I died emotionally because of this rape, but thanks to my interior strength and the people I met, I was able to start living again and to become the loving woman I am now....  More
Francesca by Pascal Baetens I have loved. I have loved him. A feeling that happened to me for the first and only time in my 32 years. A love so strong and unique that it was able to create a new one....  More
Pernille by Pascal Baetens I’m sitting in my couch wearing my black Playboy Bunny bathrobe, with a cup of coffee in my hand. Eyes fixed on an imaginary spot on the opposite wall. Where to begin? So much has happened in my only 34 year life. I believe I was born without enough of the “Happy juice” as I call it!I  More
Roberta by Pascal Baetens Today is a special day, Pascal. Maybe it is because I have waited so long to write my Text, as inside I knew that the right inspiration would arrive quickly, and when I first started to write and didn't manage to edit more than seven lines, there had to be a reason! More
Italia by Pascal Baetens Liù lives, breaths, smiles … throws her ball on the field, against the walls, on the streets, against the wind, into the unknown... Liù is a little girl but she already waits for the sunset, she observes it and dreams... then she turns around to continue playing…  More
L by Pascal Baetens I was bound to live a long and healthy life. It was not until I turned 34 my motherly-feelings and matching instincts had taken my body in a stormy way. My mother-feel seemed to be made out of the strongest thinkable wood.  More
Jessie by Pascal Baetens It was a cold, dark, drizzly September evening… I stumbled outside, via the garden at the back side… The car was there, my mom came to pick me up. I stepped into the back of the car, I didn’t want her to look at me.  More