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Wherever I am travelling, I am always open for new photography opportunities. Models are everywhere –as well as locations-, you just have to open your eyes. The sessions I present you here, are most diverse. Some sessions are realized after commercial assignments with professional models, others with young women who approached me at exhibitions or before my trips by e-mail. But quite a number of the girls I have met on the spot by coincidence (in a shop or restaurant, on the train or in the street, during a concert or a pause at the beach) and successfully convinced them to show part of themselves in front of my camera.

Aheba by Pascal Baetens Every year in early July, I visit the Arles Photo festival. Founded by Lucien Clergue and his friends in 1969, it's Europes oldest and most prestigious photographic festival. Thousands of colleagues meet each other, see, hear and live photography. The sweetness of the Southern French climate helps to create an unique ambiance. More
Nikita by Pascal Baetens When visiting my friend and colleague Jorgen Brandt in Copenhagen, he presented me to Nikita, a gorgeous blonde girl. More
Sianny by Pascal Baetens When Jorgen asked me to do a session with his wife, I didn't know what to answer. Sianny is not the classic model type I do my 'artistic' sessions with. She is not a 20 year old student, but a mother of two, and fits in the category of my "clients for private sessions". More
Ambre by Pascal Baetens It was my Arles' assistant Fred Eral who brought along Ambre for a session. I have known Fred for years: from an insecure young man wanting to become an actor or a model he became an enthusiastic photographer with a passion for male nudes. More
Enrica by Pascal Baetens

Enrica had this wonderful seventies aura around her: a slender, but curved body, a heart formed face, a very natural, spontaneous way of moving. She didn't talk much, but really wanted the experience of posing. It struck me that such a beautiful girl could be so shy... More 

Anne-Mette by Pascal Baetens

I´m Anne-Mette, a Danish freelance model, who mainly does glamour and beauty shots. This particular Tuesday I knew that I would do something rather special, but I never thought that it would be that special. More 

Zaneta by Pascal Baetens
Once in a while, Bo Stahlbrandt, co-founder of the www.nikonians.org website, invites me to visit him in him in Bratislava. To motivate me to come over - I am somehow a workaholic-, Bo and his friend Maros try to arrange some models for me. More 
Thida by Pascal Baetens
Thida and I met at Le Gallia, a former hotel close to the Place du Forum, that rents out a couple of rooms during the festival week. I showed her the portfolio I had brougth to show to a couple of gallerists. More
Barbara by Pascal Baetens
Still recovering from a concussion, I was invited to give a lecture at the national congress of the GNPP, one of the French associations of professional photographers. I thought it was a good idea to try to do some sessions on the spot, as I'd have a lot of free time anyway. More
Tiana by Pascal Baetens
Tiana showed me what she had brought: an elegant burgundy bathrope and some feathers. Ideal for a nicely sensual session. More
Marisa by Pascal Baetens
We finished the session on the bed and then went into the corridor. The atmosphere was very pleasant, we laughed a lot, made jokes, let other hotelguests pass by - luckily almost all guests of the photography congress. More
Marisa by Pascal Baetens
Last year, Marcos Pinto, President of the Association of Portuguese Professional Photographers AFP, invited me to lecture at their national Congress in Caldas da Rainha. More
Lenka by Pascal Baetens - Lednice (CZ) Just a couple of days before my departure for Bratislava, I coincidentally received a presentation introduction message from a Czech agency. A few mails later, I had a couple of models on ‘stand by’ for during my stay at Bo’s place, just in case I wouldn’t find models on the spot.  More
Kerstin by Pascal Baetens Kerstin is one of Sylvie Blum's favorite models. I met her visiting Sylvie at her Los Angeles studio. Sylvie and I became friends in 1996, when I went interviewing her husband Günter in Germany. Unfortunately, Günter passed away on my birthday in 1997.  More
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