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Our workshop program is updated regularly.  
Click on the workshop's title for more details 



- Salve Mater (Belgium), 21-22 May 2016:  Portrait & Model Photography: Correcting poses from head to toe
- Salve Mater (Belgium), June 2016: Classic Ballet Photography with Alejandro Cabezas (Bolshoi, Moscow) & partner:
details to be released soon; pre-registrations via info@pascalbaetens.com
- Salve Mater (Belgium), 17-18 September 2016:  Portrait & Model Photography: Creating intriguing portraits:
      how to create expression and catch emotion




- Salve Mater (Belgium), 13-17 August 2016: 'Creating seducing nude images': for info click here
- Ibiza (Spain), 1-5 October 2016: 5 Day Masterclass 'Working at spectacular (water) locations': for info click here, 

                                                                                                                                                          - to registrer, click here




* Initiation courses: - courses for beginners in this particular subject;
                               - minimal technical knowledge is nevertheless appreciated


** Workshop: open for photographers
                               - who know to handle their photographic equipment,
                               - wanting to explore working with models (communicating, guiding, translating inspiration into images,
                                     making circumstantially appropriate technical choices) 

*** Masterclass: for advanced photographers
                               - mastering their photographic equipment
                               - experienced with working with models, wanting to refine their photographic creation process and
                                     extend their portfolios; possibly, partially assisting Pascal with actual sessions, from the front row



More workshops will be annouced once confirmed.

If our workshop program doesn't include your theme or area of interest, send us a message with your request and we might consider to include it in next year's program. Thanks!

Or do consider a private workshop!   Ask for more information by clicking here