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In 2004, my Nikon D-70 opened the world of digital photography for me. I never went back to analog photography.  Till then I had shot mostly on black and white film for my artistic nude sessions, mostly on colour negative film for family photographs and for night reportages, and mostly on slide film for commercial productions.

In this "Silver" section, I proudly present you some of my earlier black & white work. The best images of these sessions have been published in my books 'The fragile touch', 'Allegro sensibile' ('The art of nude photography' for the US reader)  and 'Heavenly Girls' ('Heavenly Beauties' for the US reader). Hope you'll like them!
Brigitte by Pascal Baetens

In Summer 2002, Pedro Hernandez took me to the atelier of a friend artist. An incredible place, full of material that could be used 'one day' for one of his creations. Several young artists resided at the place, under which Brigitte and her girl friend Bettina, curious to pose for 2 male photographers. More

Sylvie by Pascal Baetens The next day, we went to the 'bush' which, to be honest, didn't inspire me enormously. But we would do a few good shots there. Sylvie was flexible and expressive. She understood how to put atmosphere in an image, she just made contact with her inner self, so easy when you are rich inside. More
Zsuzsi by Pascal Baetens By coincidence I met Zsuzsi in a tramway in Budapest. If she wanted to pose? Is this about nude photography? Yes, it is. No way, never! Pascal, show her your book. Oh, that's art photography. Yes indeed. That's fine for me. When? Do you have time today? Eeehhh, yes? Ok, let's go for it! More
Sofie by Pascal Baetens Sofie's mother called me, I explained what I am looking for and we set an appointment. A model agency in Paris was interested in her. She was looking for some photographic experience and some images. I saw some worries in Sofie's mother's eyes. More
Fiona by Pascal Baetens Fiona could only pose for me that same evening, so when the gallery closed, she and her boyfriend took me to their appartment. I still remember I wasn't too enthusiastic about the light conditions. So I looked around and found a coffee table lamp, which I put on the floor.  More
Fanny by Pascal Baetens This must have been one of my shortest sessions ever. My Arles assistant Fred drove me and Fanny to the wild beach of Beauduc. It was during this horribly hot summer of 2003, when in France alone about 15.000 people died because of the extreme heat.  More
Betty by Pascal Baetens One evening, George urged to me prepare my gear and take all my films, and to be ready by 7 am the next morning. Still half sleeping, George and I left in his old little car. At a corner, he picked up a girl, a university student called Lynn if I remember well. A bit further, a young couple joined us.  More
Kimberly by Pascal Baetens In the early 2000's, I used two lists with descriptions to start a session; one with environmental properties such as 'wet, dry, green, red, blue, stone, water', etc. Myra chose water as one her key elements, so we went looking for a deserted lake.  More
Kimberly by Pascal Baetens Kimberly had phoned me out of the blue to invite me to photograph her. So one day in early summer, she took me into nature. She had posed for Hustler before, she said, so there was no need to be shy. She would have given me every explicit image possible, but that was not what I was looking for. More
Veronica by Pascal Baetens Veronica was a Spanish student, enjoying the Erasmus project. The European Union is helping and motivating students to spend a semester at another European university. Another language, another culture, another mode de vie... More

I met Erszi (Elisabeth in Hungarian) and her partner George in Brussels. They were still looking for a hotel room, so I proposed them to sleep on a coach at my place, an offer they happily accepted.

Months later, I visited them in Budapest... More

Barbara by Pascal Baetens
"I am an art student and preparing a work on Auguste Rodin", she told me, "I am just looking how light and shadows fall on the human body. Are you the photographer? Interesting." There went my ego... More
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