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Belgium is full of little photogenic places, but you must know where to find them. When I don't have any concrete idea for a session, I just get in the car and drive off. "North, east, south, west"? I ask my model. "Water, ground, high, low"? I have entire lists of locations that are near my studio. Depending on her answers, we strand somewhere. I always like it when my model has creative input. A lot of theses sessions were realised like this.

Paulina by Pascal Baetens In Flanders, we have this fantastic Atlantic climate, with loooots of rain in winter, and temperatures just above zero. So when snow is finally expected, I start asking my models who is volunteering. Nude sessions in wintertime must be well prepared. You just have a few minutes to take your images. You need to know the location, and be quick and decisive. More
Hannah & Jolijn by Pascal Baetens In May 2007, the Belgian dance music pioneer Praga Khan organised  his Eroticon project at 'my' Salve Mater. A couple of months later I received an invitation for a birthday party close to the Dutch border. Choreographer Marc Bogaerts told me not to forget my camera. .  More
Italia by Pascal Baetens No idea who raised the idea of going to the coast for a session at sunset. I remember we had to pass Brussels, we drove for too long time. We went to the moreless abandoned beach between Oostduinkerke and Koksijde,  where I had done some photography years ago before.  More
Paulina by Pascal Baetens Paulina is always the right model to call. She is smiling, funny and enthusiastic. And absolutely proud about her nude images. Once she told me she had a new job. Her very first day, she took her portfolio to work and proudly showed her nude photographs to her boss and her colleagues.  More
Stefanie by Pascal Baetens I had borrowed from NPS (Nikon Professional Service) a 400mm 2.8 lens, and tried some shot with it, the "Pascal" way, without a tripod. Olala, not easy to hold such a heavy lens still on your left arm... But I like to move around a lot, a tripod is not really an option to me. Or should it be?  More
Michelle by Pascal Baetens The session with Michelle didn't take long, but we managed to make some nice portraits together. I asked her about stories in her life where she could make connection with. She told me about her beloved dog and got this sad gaze in her eyes...  More
Annelies by Pascal Baetens Annelies made the images, as always. Her flexible, feline body curved very well in front of the majestic castle. We started under the entrance bridge, nicely hidden from strangers' eyes -what a beautiful light under there!-, and made our way up to the castle, as in a fairy tale...  More
Daisy by Pascal Baetens One summer evening, I was having dinner in Leuven with Valéry and Daisy, at the time (and still :) ) two of my favourite models. Leuven is a little university city close to my studio. It was by accident that we arrived in the city...  More
Devi, Lede 2009 by Pascal Baetens I had always wanted to take images in the abandoned Mesen Castle but I did not find someone who would match perfectly with its scenery and atmosphere. Old and desolate places have always intruiged me; the combination of decay and  the vulnerability and beauty of a frail, female body in particular... More